How Trello makes work feel like a Video Game
It just hits different

In the world of productivity, there are plenty of tools and products which help you achieve your goals. Whether it be the simplicity of Workflowy, the aesthetic of Notion, or the team functionality of

When we look into these different platforms there will always be strengths and weaknesses. It…

Net Positive Growth, Gonçalo Henriques

TLDR: The Net Positive growth journey of Gonçalo’s career, how he’s changed paths and worked towards improvement, his learnings and his goals for the future

The purpose of this series is to identify key moments of growth for our guests and in speaking to Gonçalo Henriques, he highlighted that when…

Growth Stories -Ethel Karskens

Ethel Karskens

Job Title:
Product Manager/Data Analyst

Short Bio:
I’ve worked in different analytics spaces and roles for more than eight years, and have specialised in Forensics Analytics, Product Analytics and Social Impact Measurement.

I’ve worked as a senior data analyst at PwC, Microsoft, and multiple start-ups. Passionate about…

Alexandre Girard

Job Title:

Short Bio:
I am a software engineer by trade and an inventor at heart. …

Understanding how to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is valuable, but you first need to understand how it fits into your business.

Your first thought might be that this could be something that your social media manager implements to better reply to comments on your Facebook page. …

Share this article with 10 people or you will be cursed with bad luck for 5 years.

The landscape of the internet has evolved from the days of Nigerian Princes requesting assistance, chain emails, and virus links sent through ICQ and MSN. It has been almost 30 years since the…

Another week of our Growth Stories, this week looking at one of our newest additions to the team!

Mitchell Orme

Job Title:
Junior Marketer

Short Bio:
Born and raised in Sydney, I’ve traveled to over 30 countries, and I’ve got a fierce passion for storytelling, across all mediums…

Growth Story

Job Title:
Senior Product Manager

Short Bio:
I have nearly a decade of experience managing customer-centric campaigns, with four years’ worth of Product Management experience and a strong emphasis on data analysis.

Growing up speaking Japanese and English at home, I developed a love for learning languages which lead me…

Growth Stories — Tania Tkachuk

Job Title:
Senior Lead Engineer.

Short Bio:
A curious polyglot who grows by helping others to grow. Empowering teams and supporting the local female engineering community is my current focus. …

There are countless tactics and tools for marketers, personas focus your marketing by building a story around your audience. You look to connect, to understand, and really think about your audience as an individual.

“Catching someone’s attention and being heard amid this streaming torrent of information is the greatest challenge…

Mitchell Orme

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